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The definition of family in today’s world is broadening

Today, traditional marriage is one form of “family.”  Plenty of couples who can’t or choose not to marry are nevertheless a “real” family.  We introduce these mates as boyfriends/girlfriends, life/domestic partners, spousal equivalents, significant others, better half and so on. But in reality, we are spouses who have not walked down the aisle.  We are a para-spouse or p-spouse for short.

What about the children from these unions or from a prior marriage. What words  do we have in our vocabulary to  define those relationships? Step-mother or father, step son or daughter only arise upon marriage.

world's best para-dadINTRODUCING PARA-KIN

Just as a para-legal or para-medic provides support in professional life, a para-spouse lovingly accepts the responsibilities, obligations, commitments to a partner/child in personal life.

Imagine…a term to describe a loving relationship between ourselves and our partner’s child. “This is my p-son or my p-daughter.”  are words which will enhance and bind the relationship.

blended families are para kinFamilies with children, both biological and step, often live under one roof. The inherent Cinderella notion of “step” can be divisive  rather than inclusive. So why not incorporate the terms p-son or p-daughter into your life and  cement the relationship?

Para-kin is your solution.

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