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Para-kin included in an article and poll in the Washington Post Today.

Read Article Here and please also  VOTE.

Note: poll appears to be closed as of 3:00 pm on 1/20. Para-kin received 40% of votes. Graphic of results below.

Washington Post poll results at 3:00 pm ET 1/20/2011

Washington Post poll results at 3:00 pm ET 1/20/2011

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4 Responses to “Para-kin in Washington Post”

  1. Georgann Swartzlander says:

    I presume you may be right when it comes to Para-kin in Washington Post | Para-Kin. brbr I’m not sure if the majority of people could observe the reasoning in that way needless to say.

    • Para-Kin says:

      You may be right, Georgann. It is a new concept for many and we were just delighted that the Washington Post even floated the Para-kin term to its readership! Thanks for taking the time to write in and spreading the word. Deb

  2. Hank Arvez says:

    Great guide with regards to Para-kin in Washington Post | Para-Kin brbr Its for these reasons My husband and i continue to come back to your site and looking everyday.

    • Para-Kin says:

      Thanks for writing.. To tell you the truth, we were a little surprised and delighted with the results. Clearly it’s a new concept, a new word and lots of folks are identifying with the need. Thanks again for spreading the words. Deb

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