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IMG_0790I have a little sister, a younger sister who is the light of my life.  She is the main character in 80% of my stories and her name is constantly bouncing off of my tongue.  Inevitably the question always arises, “So… how are you related?”  It is painfully clear we are not blood related.  The story of how we are sisters/ but not, step-sisters/but not, simply friends/but WAY more, frequently follows.  It appears that the average person frowns upon me calling her “my sister” due to our parents lack of  a “legal” bond.  We are often labeled friends.  As a result, I feel our relationship, our love, our bond which is greater than blood, is universally dismissed.

The term “Para-sis” is miraculous!  Since I was thirteen, I have struggled with language and labels.  Now, thanks to Para-kin,  I have my solution.  Finally I can articulate our relationship and avoid nitpicking critics.  The label is brilliant and the definition is love.  We shall be Para-Sisters forever.


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One Response to “My Para-Sis”

  1. Ebeth says:

    I can SOOO relate to this. I have been telling stories about “my mother’s ex boyfriend” for years. He has been so important to me; a huge teacher, father figure, friend. Whenever I quoted him, I found myself having to explain the “ex-boyfriend of my mom” part, and the depth and importance of the story (his teaching me something valuable) was lost.

    Now I have a solution. I can simply say, “my para-dad once told me…..”

    Thank you.

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