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41609866_125x125Some partners are asked that regularly.  Folks often jump to the conclusion that “it must have been a horrible divorce the first time around.” or they hear, “he was taken to the cleaners by his first wife.” Truth is, for some couples, this is exactly why they will not marry again. But there are a number of reasons why people are not marrying or remarrying in 2017.

The typical marriage of the Donna Reed ’50s gave way to the liberation of our society in the 60’s and beyond. While a traditional marriage was the only option on a young woman’s horizon at one point, some women are drawn to that life but others are making far-reaching new choices. As a result, some of the younger generation may  envision traditional marriage as an unnecessary, patriarchal or an out dated institution. Other persons, perhaps of an older age, see other issues adversely effected by marriage such as social security income, retirement benefits, IRS marriage penalty and the like.

As a result, more couples, of all ages and persuasions, with and without children,  are setting up traditional  households in a most un-traditional manner. Terms for this evolving family simply have not kept up. This is where Para-kin steps in.


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