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This concept of family inclusion is so necessary that I want to share my experience. I spent 49 years in a close relationship with my stepdad. More time with him than his children, which was sad.  They loved him but life went on for them. I went up every other weekend to help with him and we loved each other. When he passed in March, it was like I was not a part of his life because I was not blood.  It really hurt. I would walk in and the love was all over his face.  He was a great man.  The important part I want to focus in on was the love we had between us.

So I would ask those of you, any of you, that have a step sister or a para-brother, to open your eyes and your hearts and embrace the notion that your dad or your mom might have  yet another “child” other than you.  We are all family.  There should not be a competition here.


Sara B.

Washington Post poll results at 3:00 pm ET 1/20/2011

Washington Post poll results at 3:00 pm ET 1/20/2011

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One Response to “This concept so hits home.”

  1. Para-Kin says:


    You shared your words with me on Facebook and I thank you for posting here today. What you say, you have said eloquently and I hope your message will resound with so many families. Thank you again for writing.

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