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safe_image.phpI read your article yesterday and I had to write.

I had love, joy and honor with PK.  His daughter, who I met 23 years before, treated me like a newcomer, the day he died. Hurt? You bet, but in the end, it is about a great relationship. And she knows the truth – there is no hiding that Karma.  PK had Alzheimer’s and he said that I was the only one who truly cared. He knew and that is what makes the difference. Letting someone know that you really love them. So hats off to Para-kin for trying to open  minds and hearts because we all could use more love in our lives.

Katherine W.

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One Response to “P-spouse right to the end.”

  1. Para-Kin says:


    Thanks so much for taking a moment to write. If Para-kin does nothing more than raise the consciousness that family is who we choose to love and include in our own lives, then it has fulfilled its purpose.

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