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Para-kin in the Newport Daily News

By Sandra Matuschka Excerpt from the Newport Daily News Article published 8/26/2015 For generations, the word “family” traditionally conjured up the notion of a mommy and a daddy, sisters and brothers, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles — the whole community of blood relatives. And although that family still exists today, overall the context of family as we have known it has been — and is — rapidly changing. For one thing,... A new identity for committed couples By Kathleen McKiernan SOUTH KINGSTOWN – Wakefield attorney, Debra L. Chernick, was lost for words until her life partner resolved a household catastrophe one year ago and she blurted out that he was as wonderful as any para-hubby could be. From her experience and this domestic interaction...

Checking out "Para-kin..Terms for today's blended family" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show  The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a Ning Network ...

Para-kin is a strange sounding term.  But what if... take a look at a recent article in for a new concept...The possibilities are boundless!...

Cynthia Field's article on Para-kin describes what the terms can bring to the family and community. link:

Para-kin in Washington Post

Para-kin included in an article and poll in the Washington Post Today. Read Article Here and please also  VOTE. Note: poll appears to be closed as of 3:00 pm on 1/20. Para-kin received 40% of votes. Graphic of results below. [caption id="attachment_911" align="alignleft" width="379" caption="Washington Post poll results at 3:00 pm ET 1/20/2011"][/caption]...

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