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... so there I was tonight.. at an opening for a local art gallery. The female manager, in her late thirties,  comes over and says, "I hear you are working on a new term.. something called Para-Kin." I acknowledge this and she says.. "Well, I have been with my partner for 15 years and I think its crazy to introduce him as my boyfriend but I respect those couples who have turned to a more traditional marriage so I don't want to call him my...

i think.. if you're lucky enough to have found & formed a new family..  whether you happen to be of the same gender.. or of the opposite sex- you've found u'r para-wife, para-husband, u'r para spouse. most importantly.. it should be legally recognized. if it is true..and, if it is real. and, if the relationship is dedicated. people all cry for definition, recognition & a place of comfortable acceptability.. para- is...

Debra L. Chernick, Esq. was recently featured in an article by  the RI Bar Association about the origin and usage of the para-kin terminology.  Below is an excerpt from the Rhode Island Bar Journal Source: Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 59. Number 4. January/February 2011 |   Download Excerpt page 39 here Attorney Debra L. Chernick sat in a local hospital emergency room, anxiously trying to finish the formality of intake...

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