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It has Nothing to do with an Office!

There are certain family members who would never miss any family event, be it Thanksgiving, special birthday celebration , Sunday Bar-B-Q or G-d forbid funeral.This is my cousin.  Since a family is constantly expanding  and there are always new faces at each event, my cousin always has to introduce his other half as his partner.  His partner.          His business partner?       No his loving life partner with whom he has... A new identity for committed couples By Kathleen McKiernan SOUTH KINGSTOWN – Wakefield attorney, Debra L. Chernick, was lost for words until her life partner resolved a household catastrophe one year ago and she blurted out that he was as wonderful as any para-hubby could be. From her experience and this domestic interaction...

Are you “Partners?”

Having few serious relationships in my past, I recently started dating and becoming serious with my girlfriend. Although we are merely girlfriend and girlfriend right now, we agreed early on that neither of us liked the words ‘life partner’ or just ‘partner’ in general. It DOES sound like a business related phrase. No sooner had we discussed this when, a few days later, I got a call from my para-mom with this great idea. Introduce the...

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