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... so there I was tonight.. at an opening for a local art gallery. The female manager, in her late thirties,  comes over and says, "I hear you are working on a new term.. something called Para-Kin." I acknowledge this and she says.. "Well, I have been with my partner for 15 years and I think its crazy to introduce him as my boyfriend but I respect those couples who have turned to a more traditional marriage so I don't want to call him my... A new identity for committed couples By Kathleen McKiernan SOUTH KINGSTOWN – Wakefield attorney, Debra L. Chernick, was lost for words until her life partner resolved a household catastrophe one year ago and she blurted out that he was as wonderful as any para-hubby could be. From her experience and this domestic interaction...

Cynthia Field's article on Para-kin describes what the terms can bring to the family and community. link:

The founder of Para-kin was recently featured in a five part interview on Interview links are below. » Part One: Para-kin Interview » Part Two: Para-kin Interview » Part Three: Para-kin Interview » Part Four: Para-kin Interview » Part Five: Para-kin Interview [widgets_on_pages]...

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WHO IS THIS WEB SITE FOR? Men and women who are in serious, committed relationships with a domestic partner, spousal equivalent, significant other, or same-sex union, where the "traditional marriage" between the couple is not their option.  These loving relationships may or may not include children from a previous union. To be called one's "Para-wife" or "Para-hubby" is a loving alternative to the more traditional designations of the...

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