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Cynthia Field's article on Para-kin describes what the terms can bring to the family and community. link:

Debra L. Chernick, Esq. was recently featured in an article by  the RI Bar Association about the origin and usage of the para-kin terminology.  Below is an excerpt from the Rhode Island Bar Journal Source: Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 59. Number 4. January/February 2011 |   Download Excerpt page 39 here Attorney Debra L. Chernick sat in a local hospital emergency room, anxiously trying to finish the formality of intake...

The founder of Para-kin was recently featured in a five part interview on Interview links are below. » Part One: Para-kin Interview » Part Two: Para-kin Interview » Part Three: Para-kin Interview » Part Four: Para-kin Interview » Part Five: Para-kin Interview [widgets_on_pages]...

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As a long-time practicing attorney in “Family Law,” I have seen so much pain and devastation with separation and divorce. It has always been a priority for me to help people and their children through the process with the intention of giving clients the tools to maintain their dignity throughout the proceedings. What happens though after families are changed? Often new connections are formed with much love and respect and yet our...

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